Islamic banking and Conventional Banking, The difference between the two

There are 20 fundamental differences between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking:
  1. Parameter
  2. The legal basis
  3. Return
  4. Relations with customers
  5. Functions and activities of the bank
  6. The basic principle of operation
  7. Priority service
  8. Orientation
  9. Business forms
  10. Customer evaluation
  11. Customer relations
  12. Suber short-term liquidity
  13. Loans
  14. Business principles
  15. Managed funds
  16. Dispute settlement institutions
  17. Investment risk
  18. Monitoring financing / Loans
  19. Organizational Structure of Supervision
  20. Financing criteria
Scheme "The difference between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking". 

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  1. Very comprehensive note to show the difference between two.Shariah Advisory