Islamic Economics in the Time of Prophet Muhammad

Islamic Economy in the Time of Prophet Muhammad: In the beginning, the Arab community, before the advent of Islam is an advanced society in terms of the economy at all. This is evident (Arab jahiliah- ignorance). They are good at all in trade within the country or across the country so as to make them widely known to the other Nations on the Arabian Peninsula. This caused the trade has been entrenched in the tradition of the Arabs at that time.

Arab or more specifically the city of Mecca in General has become a place of knowledge or the bustling trading center visited by traders from a wide range of areas such as Egypt, Syria, Syria, and so on. In addition to the center of trade between regions, the city of Mecca is also the world's trade routes that connect between North, South, Sham, and Yemen, between East and West, the Persian Empire, as well as Egypt, (Mufrodi, 1997: 10).

Based on the analysis, he knew that the city of Mecca became one of the most crowded place in terms of trade, worth it if the income exceeds the income obtained Mecca received the lands around the city of Mecca.

In the economic activities carried out by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, is divided into two periods, according to the timeline. These divisions namely, Mecca and Medina period 1st time. Period of Mecca where the Prophet Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM getting to know the economic activity (when trade to Syria) and ends with the Hijra to Medina to prophetic. Whereas a period of time in medina the Prophet Muhammad to Medina and became the leading govern ounce and eventually died.

Formulation problems:

Based on the background is drawn, you are going to be solved problem formulation is as follows:
  1. How do the economic activities carried out by the Islamic prophet Muhammad while in Mecca?
  2. How does the economic activities carried out by the Islamic prophet Muhammad in Medina, when? 

Islamic Economics in Mecca Period
Islamic Economics in Mecca Period - During this period, the tradition of trade which is the main economic activities of the Islamic prophet Muhammad is divided into two parts namely the before and after the Apostolic Ministry. The times before the apostolic referring to the activity of many economy (trade), while the times after the Apostolic age, activity or economic activity much reduced, this is due in the aftermath of the Apostleship of Muhammad are described as follows:

Islamic Economics Before Apostolic of Muhammad:Read more
In understanding the behavior of the Islamic prophet Muhammad before becoming an apostle, it will be good if seen backwards, a brief history of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was born on 12 rabiul awal (month of April) year of elephant (about 570 M) in the city of Mecca.

Islamic Economy after Apostolic of Muhammad:Read more
After the Islamic prophet Muhammad appointed Messengers, trading activity was slightly reduced. This is because he was busy broadcasting the Islamic religion which up to now be a religion that rahmatan lil'alamin. As an apostle, Prophet Muhammad challenged with conditions and situations of the Arab lands that the day is getting sidetracked from the path of God. Thus he prefers da'wah (anto, 2003: 269). However with the flurry of da'wah, Prophet Muhammad is not at all diminished attention to the business activities of trade in particular.

Islamic Economics in Medina Period: read more
Medina period begins from the impact of the Prophet Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM along with his followers into the land of Yastrib (Medina). At that time the Prophet Muhammad and his companions-the muhajirun migrated to Medina in 622-munawwarah. After done agreement and the agreement with those Anshor (al-aus and al-kharaj) for protect and defend his religion, Medina became a fortress and a tough defense Center of Islam as well as a torch that emits light to various Islamic and from there spread wide to over the world.

Brief Explanation of Islamic Economy in the Time of Prophet Muhammad: read more
1. The Islamic prophet Muhammad is a tenacious in running its trading business.
2. The greatness of the Prophet's trademark is evident from his prowess in trading between the countries which they debuted new gained enormous profits.

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